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Stargaze. Ponder. Daydream.

The perfect Carry-On for flights of fancy.

Sit, speak, but don’t stay.
Go where your daydreams take you.

Form, function & finesse

Lightweight, anodized aluminum alloy. Reinforced corners. Strength-enhancing grooves. Yes, we’re obsessed about elegance and quality.

Personal power

Our Portable Charger with built-in surge and short-circuit protection lasts for days. Which means no more playing Find The Power Outlet.

What's that sound? Exactly.

Your Carry-On should be seen, not heard. That's why we use patented Silent Run Lisof wheels — designed to be quiet.

“Zippers are so elegant.”
Said no one ever.

So we bid farewell to the outer zipper. Our 1-touch open/close frame ensures unwanted people and the elements stay out.

“I never thought I was a good drawer.”

We believe daydreaming is essential to finding game-changing ideas. Watch award-winning Swedish illustrator Jens Magnusson's daydream unfold.

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